Familia Phoenicococcidae

Important characters that distinguish the Phoenicococcidae from the Diaspididae are: the larval exuviae are not incorporated into the scale cover; the simple anal ring bears setae; and the posterior abdominal segments, while fused, do not form a dorso-ventrally flattened, heavily sclerotized pygidium. The adult female of P. marlatti lacks any legs, and each antenna is reduced to a single segment; the spiracles are located on the thorax; stigmatic pores are quinquelocular; the entire body is lightly sclerotized; posterior segments of the abdomen do not form a sclerotized pygidium, and the ventral anus is surrounded by a simple sclerotized ring with 0-2 setae and no pores. The tubular ducts are all 8-shaped in cross section along their entire length.