Arthropods of Economic Importance:
Diaspididae of the World

An illustrated identification guide and information source


Diaspididae are very small, usually being less than 3 mm long. Each one secretes a non-living scale cover during its development - hence the common name, armoured scales. There are about 2000 described species in about 395 genera, and many more remain to be described. Although diaspidids have been recorded from most land masses, they are most diverse and common in the tropics.

Armoured scales are important agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests, attacking a wide range of plants including fruit and beverage crops, cotton, cereals, forest and amenity trees, and ornamental plants. Their small size and cryptic habits make them difficult to detect at plant quarantine inspection, and they are notoriously difficult to identify. This identification aid is intended to enable agricultural entomologists and plant quarantine inspectors to identify the most important species of Diaspididae worldwide for themselves.

About this CD-ROM

The CD-ROM provides a picture key to help identify adult females of 100 diaspidid species in 48 genera, of economic and plant quarantine importance worldwide. It is based on the morphology of the slide-mounted adult female, the life cycle stage most often collected. When identification is completed, one should always compare the specimen with the description and illustrations in the species card.

For each species an illustrated description is provided, and information (where available) on the host range, biology and ecology, symptoms, economic impact, detection, phytosanitary risk, natural enemies and geographical distribution. Diagnostic characters, distribution and host range are given for a further 85 similar species, many of which are also pests. This brings the total number of genera covered to 54.

Many of the taxonomic illustrations are reproduced from publications that are no longer easily available, and many of the colour photographs have not previously been published. The species cards are based on information from over 1300 references.

To help you obtain maximum benefit from this CD-ROM, please scan the contents of the Introduction module before using other parts of the system.

The series 'Arthropods of Economic Importance'

'Arthropods of Economic Importance' is a joint project of the Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification and the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam). The project aims to provide both specialists and non-specialists with easy-to-use tools for the species recognition of insects and mites of economic importance in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

The end product is a series of interactive CD-ROMs based on ETI's Linnaeus II software for biodiversity documentation and species identification. Each CD-ROM contains up-to-date taxonomic (biodiversity) information on economically important species and related non-pest species, and a computer-assisted identification key. A cross-reference system for the major host plants, an illustrated glossary to technical terms and a section on methodology are also included.

Published are:
- 'Eurasian Tortricidae' by Drs Lynn Meijerman and Dr Sandrine A. Ulenberg
- 'Interactive Tutorial for the Preparation of Genitalia in Microlepidoptera by Drs Lynn Meijerman and Dr Kevin R. Tuck.

Titles to follow in this series:
Agromyzidae of the World
Thripidae of the World
Tephritidae of South East Asia
Tortricidae of the World

Regional Digital Keys for Identification of Arthropod Pests

The University of Amsterdam, the Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification, Amsterdam, CAB International and partners in the developing countries are collaborating in the development of Regional Keys, using BioNET-INTERNATIONAL's networks as a mechanism. The high quality, global digital keys from the 'Arthropods of Economic Importance' provide the information for more focussed national and regional keys, to which specific local information is added. This 'Regional Keys' programme is a contribution to the efforts of the scientific community to overcome the worldwide taxonomic impediment by combining accessible digital keys with training programs, capacity building and reference collections.

For more information on 'Arthropods of Economic Importance and/or the 'Regional Keys' Programme please contact:-

Dr Sandrine A. Ulenberg, project leader
Zo├Âlogisch Museum
Universiteit van Amsterdam
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1018 DH Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31.20.525.6243
Fax: +31.20.525.6528
E-mail: ulenberg@science.uva.nl

Title: Arthropods of Economic Importance - Diaspididae of the World
Author: Dr Gillian W. Watson
Year of publication: 2002
Copyright: ETI/ZMA
ISBN: 90-75000-48-0